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Since it’s relaunch, Superbike has already received 200,000 visits per month with that figure expected to climb quickly over Q3 of 2024. Superbike is your one-stop site for everything motorcycle related, including the ads, which are limited to our specific industry, with no open ad server.

Superbike is the perfect place to reach motorcycle enthusiasts across the UK and advertise your new bike and product releases to the mass market. With fresh content and regular news updates, Superbike is here to build your brand awareness and reach your core target audiences. We also have over 1.1m followers across our social channels!

The advertising opportunities currently available, include, but are not limited to:

On-site banner ads

Paid features


Offsite digital retargeting

Social ads and boosted posts

Facebook carousels

Social instant experiences

Custom audience solutions

The data we hold is split by the following :

Licence type / Category


Helmet brands

Type of riding (adventure, sports, etc)





Superbike provides a unique advertising opportunity, where you can advertise on the main site, but also retarget people across their internet activity based on the content that they view on the Superbike site. Our prices are extremely cost effective and current clients are seeing high engagement and click through rates. Advertising on Superbike also allows you to build a 360 degree campaign strategy, from the initial banner ads, through to our social channels and then onto retargeting those visitors across their internet activity. This extra layer of advertising increases both ROI and brand recall, making it an extremely effective way to reach motorcyclists in the UK.

We also provide a full creative service, with a team of in-house designers and video editors. We can either create concepts from scratch, or work with your team to rebuild ads in the specific Superbike sizings. Ads can also be provided to us upon request of ad specs.

All ads placed on Superbike must be relevant to our industry, as we want to guarantee a good user experience and eye-catching adverts alongside the premium content that we show. Restricting ads specifically to our industry will provide instant credibility to our audience and trust amongst the motorcycle community.

Our platform can feature static, animated and video ads allowing you as the client to showcase your latest products and releases. Our audience and readers have a genuine interest in everything motorcycle and advertising on our site will have a significant impact on your brands reputation.

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